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Glebe House,
Perthshire, PH2 0RJ

Stained Glass Renovations

By 1st March 2015

A job completed over 150 years late

You would expect an old manse to have stained glass windows and indeed the Courier article of 1861 announcing the completion of the property said some was to be installed.  But photographs from 1880-1900 show no evidence of this glass.

So we asked local artists, Alan Robinson and Lorna Radbourne to complete the task over 150 years later.

Modern Entrance hall

The entrance hall stained glass was created by Lorna Radbourne of Catriona Glass in Dunning.  Lorna created a modern depiction of the garden flowers and pond at the other side of the house.  The stained glass panelling is inserted into the stone astragals with lead finishing and backed by modern glass to protect the artwork and provide heat insulation.

Traditional Stairway window

The stairway stained glass was designed and created by Alan Robinson of Ramoyle Glass Studios in Dunblane.  Alan researched and created a design in keeping with the period of the manse.  The hand painted borders illustrating the leaves of the garden are of flashed glass etched using the traditional method. 

The large roundels depicting the Dupplin Cross, St. Serf's Church and Throntree Square all in Dunning are based on published photographs and were hand painted and fired nine times using a traditional layering process.

Staying True

Both Lorna and Alan used the original 1860 plain glass where possible in their designs which has made even the plain glass a wonderful sight. The artists' different styles reflect well in this historic manse.