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Luxury accommodation and meal packages

By 1st November 2015

Why a Package?

I've put together some packages because I think it's easier for guests to see what they will receive and spend for a whole experience.  The idea is that it answers a particular need for guests at a particular time.

Healthly and Relaxing  Package - 2 nights

We've had the "Healthy and Relaxing" package available for some time and with guests coming we have learnt what it is that they are particularly looking for.  Guests usually want one meal included so they know that's sorted but the package needs something more. 

At the end of the day we're flexible but certainly in the Healthy Package we've found that it's useful for guests to be guided on a walk.  That totally takes the stress out of finding and navigating a walk of the length wanted.  Guests can then enjoy and learn more about their environment.  In the autumn that can include foraging for mushrooms.


Anniversary Package - 2 nights

I had this package available on the website last year but this time I've changed it a little. Now it includes not only a three course meal "at home" but also a light supper or meal so it's almost full board.  I like to be flexible so really it's just making sure guests have the option of a light meal when they want it.  We have so many lovely restaurants in Perthshire it means guests can also slot in a great fine dining experience if they want.


The trouble with a "package" is that it seems to imply rigidity and that's not what we are, but I've yet to invent a new label that suggests both!