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Growing What?!

By 16th August 2018

A strange summer for our fruit & vegetables

The summer has indeed been long and hot with hardly any rain during May and June and July too.  We loved it of course as did our guests - plenty of teas on the patio and drinks in the garden.

It also much affected our fruit and vegetable growing:

The Good News - What is it?

This melon like plant started to grow when we replanted that section of the garden in June using our own compost from our fruit and vegetable waste.  So it must be something we have used in the kitchen - melon? pumpkin?  We thought melon but aren't sure so any ideas let me know.

The flowers look great and we have two harvested "melons" ripening by the sunny window so we'll see soon.  There are at least another five on the plants.  

Now that would be a first for us to grow such exotic fruits in a Perthshire b&b home garden.

And the rest

We had a bumper crop of gooseberries so look out for those for breakfast and desserts.  Our rhubarb is going well too and the redcurrant jelly is made. The courgettes are a plenty now turning into tarts, soups, griddled, baked, ratatouille'd - they're all there.  The runner and dwarf beans are looking good and the beetroot is coming through.   

I've already make roasted plums with cinammon and the apples are really early too.  Walnut and apple cake is back for afternoon tea.   It's looking like a bumper apple crop so look out for the home-made apple juice again this year.

The peas and broad beans however fared less well without the rain and had a very poor turn out. Such is gardening!

Excited to discover hopefully soon what our new "growing what?" fruit is.

Happy gardening