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Glebe House,
Perthshire, PH2 0RJ

Summer joy of flowers and animals

By 15th November 2018

A beautiful sight

At this time of year when the garden has died down and the leaves fallen it's great to look at our photos of the garden full of flowers and visiting animals.

Visitors all welcome (almost all!)

We have loved to welcome not only our guests to Glebe House but also delighted in the visits from some of the local wildlife.

In May a racing pigeon arrived in the garden and stayed for a week presumably recovering or having a short break from completing its task.  It enjoyed being around us and then suddenly disappeared. 

We had a hedgehog all summer taking a regular early evening walk through the garden and then in September a very young one got itself stuck in a hole squeeking like a bird to attract attention for help.  Once we'd put it back on a scent path, off it went and we wish it well.

The hare came by for short visit.  We had seen rabbits before but what a size the hare is!  

Our pond was full of tadpoles this year which grew to hundreds of tiny frogs - a bonanza for the blackbird as they swarmed out - to our initial horror.  Of course many got away and grew larger, some coming out for a wander on the patio and still we have plenty in the pond keeping the fish company.

Oh the fish which of course means heron!  This picture was taken a couple of years ago and since then we cover the pond to discourage them!  Our only unwelcome guest to the garden.

Amazing Colour

With such an beautiful hot summer the colours were amazing.  Here's a few examples of the flowers blooming in the garden.

The patio canopy kept us cool and made it look almost mediterranean in the warm evenings.

Just a bit of nostalgia whilst the nights draw in and the cool wind blows!

Have a great winter




Dave and Sara are wonderful hosts and their home is gorgeous. We'll definitely be back.

Ian and Tracey, Durham

Dave and Sarah were the perfect hosts. They tended to our every need and made sure our last night in Scotland was the highlight of our short stay.

Robert & Karen, Brisbane, Australia

The hosts are such lovely persons and they really made me feel at home showing a level of courtesy and kindness that goes well beyond the "professional" service that you would expect to meet in a luxury guest house.

Federico, Rome

Sarah & Dave your place is stunning! By far the nicest stop! Thank you for your kindness and hospitality!

Anne & Chuck, Greensboro, USA