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Glebe House,
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Policies and Practices for Coronavirus

We recognise that this is a very troubling and uncertain time for all travellers and holidaymakers.

We have closed Glebe House for the safety of all and will only open once government guidance allows and provided we believe we can provide a safe environment for visitors and ourselves.   

Our policy is to make the safety and well-being of all our guests and those who work with us at Glebe House of utmost importance.  We are, therefore, committed to following global and local guidelines and being responsive to the local situation. 

We will be flexible and understanding with guests already booked for the summer of 2020 to find outcomes that meets all needs.

The following are our new measures: 

  • We will routinely email all guests due to arrive within the following 6 weeks to assess their needs and communicate/act appropriately. 

  • If guests wish to cancel, likewise we will be as flexible as possible about re-arrangements.


On re-opening Glebe House we will endeavour to provide a safe environment by the following means:

  • We will provide disinfectant wipes and disposable gloves in guest rooms. 

  • We are taking extra precautions to ensure that everyone arriving at this property at any time washes their hands immediately. 

  • We have increased washing temperatures for items not ironed. 

  • We and those that assist us in this business are equally committed and wash our hands frequently and use disposable gloves. They will not attend if they feel ill. 

  • If we feel ill and are therefore self-isolating we will notify all future guests due to arrive within the next 4 weeks so that other arrangements can be made. We will be flexible about re-arrangements to find solutions agreeable to guests and us the hosts.  

  • As this is our home too we will ask guests to respect this and take all precautions they can to protect this environment. 

  • We reserve the right to not accept bookings to limit the number of guests in the property.