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Coffee Lovers Welcome

By 18th December 2019

Coffee - A family favourite

Dave and I love coffee!  So much so that when he was 50 we bought a bean to cup machine and between us, family and guests it served us 32,000 cups over 15 years - though still going strong(*).  For Dave's 65th birthday we bought another machine and this one makes not only wonderful coffee but also easily produces a whole variety.

Coffee - What sort would you like?

We are now able to offer our guests a whole range of coffee options.  These are the most popular:

Plain black - we can adjust to the strength and quantity you prefer

Flat white - it can be flat or you could have the same combination  of coffee and milk with a frothy top.  That's my favourite first cup of the day!

Cappuccino - it can be small or large of course, with or without cocoa on top and in a lovely wide rimmed cup and saucer.

Macchiato Latte - we now have proper glasses for this (and spoons coming soon Mr B!).  So easy to make when you just pre-set and press the button.

Espresso - a wonderful after dinner alternative.  Can be de-caffinated too! 


The machine allows you to personalise a coffee type adjusting strength, volume and milk quantity and type.  There's a Sara and Dave on the machine menu!  We've also been known to put the name of a guest on there when they are here for a while and like a particular combination.  Isn't that cool!

All in the Beans

Of course the bean quality and type is hugely important.  We get our whole beans every month from specialist providers - one locally and one in England.

Happy coffee drinking.

Sara and Dave


* the old machine is working again thanks to a second hand brew unit and u-tube video and now being loved by our daughter in Leeds.