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Hot Chocolate Treats

By 19th January 2019

Warming and Comforting

There's nothing better than a delicious cup of hot chocolate on a cold winter's day.

After receiving a wonderful Christmas gift of Hannah Miles' book "Hot Chocolate", I've been in heaven trying out some of her hot chocolate recipes.  

6 different and delicious hot chocolate drinks

The first is Cinnamon and Orange Hot Chocolate.  This one was delicious and classical with a hint of cinnamon and an orange syrup base. I popped on some marshmallow left from Christmas fire roasting!!

I still had some pumpkin left from those that grew in the garden this autumn and made Pumpkin Chocolate Latte with milk chocolate and lots of spices.  It tasted rather like my pumpkin pie but hot and liquid!

The Toffee Apple Hot Chocolate was another way to use our abundance of apples this year.  I dried some apple slices and dipped them in caramel, then used the rest of the caramel to melt into the milk and white chocolate. Very sweet and yummy!  The rest of the dried apple slices are in my home made granola.

One of my favourites is the Sea Salt Hot Chocolate.  I used strong 84% belgian chocolate, a little sugar and salt - it can take more than you think to give it that little salty kick.

The Vegan Hot Chocolate (not in Hannah's book) is topical and truly delicious. I made it with unsweetened almond milk, dark chocolate and local Dunning honey to sweeten.  It was thick and luscious.

The last hot chocolate was perfect for the evening - Maple, Pecan and Whisky Hot Chocolate.  This is very moreish and absolutely delicious. It was Dave's favourite!  The glass is coated with a pecan, caramel and chocolate crunch which adds texture and interest if you need it!

They are so easy to make and so wonderful to drink.  Give it a go! I will be again.