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Glebe House,
Perthshire, PH2 0RJ

Our Green Policy

Our overall aim

Our aim at Glebe House is to provide sustainable tourism in the region. Although we do not participate in the green tourism awards we work hard and always consider sustainability issues without compromising our high quality accommodation ethos.

We love our conservation village of Dunning and the surrounding beautiful Perthshire countryside.  We talk with enthusiasm and knowledge as long-standing locals so as to be able to pass on trips and walks to our guests.  We point out areas not only of beauty but also those where we know that conservation and environmental care is needed.

Our working practices

Our working practices reflect our interest in sustainability:

  • Using eco-friendly products
  • Growing our own fruit and vegetables
  • Using local produce
  • Composting all our fruit and vegetable waste and as much of the garden waste as possible
  • Using low temperature washing and dishwashing
  • Line drying of laundry whenever possible or hanging in the laundry room 
  • Low energy light bulbs
  • Purchasing organic and free range products wherever possible
  • Sorting all waste and recycling the maximum possible
  • Minimising the use of pastic bags
  • Offering long stay discounts
  • Not over mowing some of the lawns leaving clover and wild flowers for the bees and planting with insects in mind. 

The photos in this section show pictures of some of our garden vegetables, the unmowed grass and the insects enjoying the clover and our frogs and tadpoles in the pond.